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Sold yet? Yes? Well, here’s the link

Still need more convincing? Well watch this below

Whoa! That was hot! Expect even hotter January 19th - Ready for tickets yet? Here the link… again

Wait? Still have not gotten your tickets? Oh we forgot to mention it’s being held at the newly renovated Dayton Art Institute


Yes, there is a dress code! After 5 attire - Here’s some examples:

Don’t they all look good!? Cheers to mature Dayton events! Ready for tickets finally? It’s finally time to click the button!

Here what some of our past attendees had to say about the show:

“So happy for you all! Glad Dayton is increasing the artistic presence. Kudos!”
— Brittany S.
“Dopest show I’ve Ever been to”
— Derek C.
“Feeds you!!!!! Love it!!!! Soul engaging!!!”
— Nicole H.
“NICE!!! I like how you all incorporated audience participation ”
— Melissa D.